Hello! I’m a Brooklyn-based designer and art director.

Shakespeare Basics for Grownups Infographics

Animation for Anna Faris’s memoir

Dolly Parton Poster

As a giveaway commemorating Dolly Parton’s bestselling book, Dream More, I lettered this limited-edition poster.

The Driver social media animation

Burt Reynolds’ Memoir Social Promos

Penguin Holiday Party Invitation

Unabrow Social Media Promos

Ice Cream Infographic

Putnam Books Event Design

Maestra Advertising and Social Campaign

An Assortment of Hand Lettering Samples

This is an array of some recent lettering I’ve done, mostly for social media, and some for personal use.

Phoebe Robinson Social Teaser Video

I illustrated and animated this video to tease Phoebe Robinson’s book, You Can’t Touch My Hair, on her and her celebrity friends’ social media accounts. The book went on to be a New York Times bestseller. Photos by Mindy Tucker. https://vimeo.com/256652184

Social Advertising – Photo Art Direction

A sampling of social advertising I photo art directed (and hand modeled).